JPX 850 FAIRWAY WOOD #3 / #7

Mizuno Golf Equipment 5KDFR78353

JPX 850 FAIRWAY WOOD #3 / #7

HK$ 2400

SKU: 5KDFR78353
Gender: women
Category: other
Type: woods
Flex: l
Bounce/Color/Club No.: 3, 7

"The Shock Wave sole enables the entire head to flex - delivering an additional source of energy to the golf ball.It’s a hugely improved way to increase ball speeds for unmatched distance.”

The JPX-850 marks a new generation of distance generating fairways woods – maintaining a generous, hittable size with ideal spin rates and high workability.

The primary function of the JPX-850’s Shock Wave sole is to enable the entire club head to contract and expand on impact – delivering more of the energy from the swing to the ball for increased distance.
The additional mass also lowers the head’s center of gravity, enabling easy launch from strikes direct from the turf.

Key Features:

  • SHOCK WAVE SOLE - Enables entire head to flex for increased ball speeds and maximum distance
  • QUICK SWITCH ADJUSTABILITY - Allows 4 degree of loft movement per head
  • LOW COG - Easy launch from all course conditions

Club ##3#5#7
Loft º15º18º21º
Swing WeightD3D3D3
STD Lie º57.55858.5
Men's Length43.25"42.75"42.25"
Ladies' Length41.75"41.25"40.75"


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