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WAVE RIDER is born in 1997 and its smooth ride have been loved by many runners all over the world. MIZUNO ENERZY the midsole material provides soft landing and smooth toe-off. And parallel shaped MIZUNO WAVE guide the runners to the correct road-path. WAVE RIDER 25 is the smoothest in 25 years history.


  • MIZUNO ENERZY throughout the entire bottom midsole provides excellent cushioning
    and energy return
  • MIZUNO WAVE, in addition to combining cushioning and stability, supports forward propulsion
    and delivers balances the softness of the MIZUNO ENERZY, delivering a smooth feeling
  • WAVEKNIT offers moderate stretch and upper support through the woven knit in a wave form made
    using threads with different amounts of stretch. It offers a seamless fit with a texture that‘s also
    great for regular wear.

STACK MM: 24/36