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Drinkable Oxygen (Case) (500ml x 24 bottles) Buy 5 cases get 1 case free

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"Oxygen supplement water WOX®️ is a completely new form of oxygen"

Mediscience-Espoir developed a revolutionary manufacturing method that enables us to fuse gas with liquid. They can significantly improve people’s quality of life.

What is WOX®️?

It is oxygen to drink for the purpose of supplementing oxygen from the digestive organs. Oxygen supplement waterWOX®️Is made by the original special manufacturing method. The image is "fine water and oxygen and wrap oxygen molecules with water molecules".

As a result, it can be absorbed together with water from the digestive system, and we succeeded in supplying oxygen to the body through a completely different route from pulmonary respiration.


  • The substance patent was obtained for the oxygen supplement waterWOX®️Only
  • By drinking 125ml, the oxygen concentration in the blood rises
  • Oxygen does not escape for 5 years after opening (maintains 50ppm)
  • WOX Water is stable at low and high temperatures so it can be frozen and boiled and used in a wide range of food production
  • It is only pure water and oxygen, so it is safe for children and the elderly

This may benefit people:

  • Living in an oxygen deficient environment like one with heavy pollution
  • Suffering from a lung disease or disorder
  • Suffering from ailments like diabetes that makes distribution of oxygen to the extremities difficult
  • Who wants to speed athletic recovery
  • Who simply wants more energy


6 cases in total