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Color: Dark Grey
Shoe Size: 29.5cm
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SKU: J1GC217902-29.5cm
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這對鞋子集輕盈、流暢感和舒適度於一身,最適合全天候的跑手不過,晴天,雨天或冰雹的惡劣天氣都能穿著。後跟處加入了MIZUNO WAVE和MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM技術,兼備緩衝和性能。並有賴於防水技術GORE TAX,和高摩擦力鞋底設計的兩者組合,即使在惡劣天氣下,雙腳也能保持舒適,並確保崎嶇地面上也有優異的抓地力。


  • MIZUNO ENERZY於整個底層中底都提供出色的緩衝
  • MIZUNO WAVE除了結合出色的緩衝和舒適外,還支持向前的推進力和適度的柔軟感,為你帶來順滑的跑步體驗
  • WAVEKNIT透過由不同的線組組成的波浪形編織針織物,提供適度的彈性和上層支撐。同時採用無逢設計剪裁,十分適合於日常生活中穿著。
  • 波浪片利用植物基材料和Pebax® Rnew製成

STACK MM: 24.5/36.5

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This shoe offers lightness, smoothness, and comfort for runners who want to run every day, rain, hail or shine. It combines cushioning with performance due to the MIZUNO WAVE and MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM at the heel wedge. Comfort is upheld even in bad weather through the introduction of waterproof GORE-Tex matched with the high traction outsole pattern ensures that grips securely on tricky surfaces.


  • MIZUNO ENERZY: Throughout the entire bottom midsole provides excellent cushioning.
  • MIZUNO WAVE: IN addition to combining cushioning and stability, the Mizuno Enerzy provides support forward propulsion and balanced softness, delivering a Smoothride feeling.
  • WAVEKNIT: Offers moderate stretch and upper support throughout the woven knit in a wave form at that consist of threads in varying stretch tolerences. A seamless fit with a texture that's also great for regular wear.
  • Plant-based Wave Plate made with Pebax Rnew.

STACK MM: 23.5/36.5