Collection: Secure Payment

Secure Payment

We are using Stripe as our payment gateway as we find it to be both secure and convenient. We will not receive any credit card information as the entire payment process is handled directly by Stripe.



Credit Cards

Stripe supports payment via Credit card such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express.


您可以Visa/ Mastercard/ American Express 等信用卡直接於Stripe 網頁付款, 無需額外設立帳戶。

credit cards visa mastercard american express

Convenient Payments

Google Pay

Google Pay is a fast and secure way to pay on sites using the credit cards saved to your google account. Simply access our online store using the chrome browser and you should see the option to pay via Google Pay upon checkout.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is another fast and secure way to pay on our online store using the card stored in your apple account. Simply access our online store using a compatible browser such as Safari to display the option to pay via Apple Pay.

Shop Pay

Shop by Shopify is yet another quick and safe way to make payments online. You can either sign up from our online store during checkout with your email address and phone number or download the "Shop" App by Shopify on android or ios to set up your account.

WeChat Pay

Scan the QR code through WeChat Pay app when checkout, or simple copy the payment link to WeChat Pay app to finish the payment.


google pay iconapple pay iconshop pay icon

Google Pay

必需使用Chrome瀏覽器登入Google帳號後,再返回我們的網站結帳即可選擇使用Google pay。

Apple Pay

必需使用Safari瀏覽器登入我們的網站結帳即可以選擇使用Apple Pay。

Shop Pay by Shopify

Shop by Shopify。你可以建立帳戶登入SHOP或使用APP版付款。