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Color: Blue
Shoe Size: 22.5cm
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SKU: J1GK247103-22.5cm
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具備一流的路跑鞋的各種優點,包括緩震、穩定性、輕量化和抓地力。整個中底都配備了MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM,提供出色的緩震和能量回饋。MIZUNO FOAM WAVE 提供穩定性同時不影響緩震效果。Vibram Megagrip 則在濕滑表面上提供卓越的抓地力。


  • MIZUNO ENERZY 貫穿整個中底,展現驚人的緩衝和能量回饋
  • MIZUNO WAVE (FOAM) 給合兩種硬度的EVA和波浪片結構,提昇穩定性同時亦不怕損失其緩衝
  • 鞋子前腳掌配備了具有吸震功能的EVA,提供對岩石的震動吸收
  • Vibram Megagrip - Vibram 領先的高性能複合材料,尤其在潮濕和不平坦的地形上提供出色的抓地力(垂直抓地力比傳統 Vibram 鞋底增加30%,橫向抓地力增加20%)
  • 鞋面內裏紡織物和鞋帶中超過90%均為可再生物料。部分中底採用甘蔗基材料製成。

STACK MM: 25.5 / 32.0

It covers all the bases of a great trail running shoe, including cushioning, stability, light weight, and grip. Other features include MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM throughout the midsole for cushioning and energy return, MIZUNO FOAM WAVE for stability without impacting cushioning, and Vibram Megagrip for enhanced grip even on wet surfaces.


  • MIZUNO ENERZY which provides amazing cushioning and energy return, is equipped throughout the entire midsole.
  • MIZUNO WAVE (FOAM) - Mizuno Wave, featuring a wave structure with EVA at two levels of hardness, enhances stability without sacrificing cushioning. It is inserted from the heel to mid-lateral area.
  • Rock Plate- The shoe has a shock-dispersing EVA PLATE at the forefoot. It provides shock absorption against rocks.
  • Vibram Megagrip - Vibram‘s leading high-performance compound. It provides outstanding grip, especially on wet and uneven terrain. (30% more vertical grip and 20% more lateral grip than conventional Vibram soles)
  • More than 90% recycled content on upper body lining textile and shoelace. Part of the midsole made with sugarcane-based material.

STACK MM: 25.5 / 32.0