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Color: Red
Shoe Size: 23.0cm
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SKU: J1GK225672-23.0cm
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舒適的穿著感和耐用性兩者並全,不管是入門或資深的中足路跑手都一定會對這對路跑鞋一見鐘情。MIZUNO FOAM WAVE 加上EVA 技術無需作取捨,緩衡回彈與穩定全部並存。米芝蓮橡膠外底於野外發揮良好抓地力與穩定性。


  • MIZUNO FOAM WAVE透過2層厚度的波浪型物料EVA增強穩定度而保持緩衝性能。正因它在中足位置,令跑手跑得更為流暢。
  • 米芝蓮外底橡膠增加抓地力、緩衝力外,與一般外底相比耐用度更高
  • Smooth Stretch Woven物料令腳掌即使在跑步中都維持在適當的位置,同時感受到柔軟的穿著感
  • 鞋帶由超過90%回收物料成份製成

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Beginner and intermediate level trail runners who enjoy middle-distance runs will love this shoe that offers the comfortable fit of a running shoe combined with the durability of a trail shoe. The MIZUNO FOAM WAVE structure featuring EVA boosts stability without sacrificing cushioning. The lightweight outsole featuring Michelin rubber offers amazing grip and stability. 


  • MIZUNO FOAM WAVE: MIZUNO WAVE, featuring a wave structure with EVA at two levels of hardness, boosts stability without skimping on cushioning. As it is equipped at the mid-foot, it helps mid-foot runners achieve a smoother running feel.
  • Michelin light outsole rubber: Lightweight rubber featuring Michelin's signature excellent grip and durability. 
  • Smooth Stretch Woven material: Keeps the foot in the right position during running while maintaining a soft fit. 
  • More than 90% recycled content on shoelace.

STACK MM: 23/32