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Color: Pink
Shoe Size: 23.0cm
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SKU: J1GK225971-23.0cm
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ENERZY Foam於底部,當跟部著陸時,提供更為柔軟的著地感和更多的能量回饋,使你有流暢的野外跑。大底採用Wgrip橡膠來提昇抓地力,特別是用於碎石路上。


  • MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM於整個中底高層提供緩衝及能量回饋
  • MIZUNO FOAM WAVE透過2層厚度的波浪型物料EVA增強穩定度而保持緩衝性能。全新設計令之前內置的Mizuno WAVE於設計中展現出來,提昇其穩定性及緩衝
  • Wgrip大底橡膠於濕地上也有良好的抓地力
  • 透氣且防水的Gore-Tex使雙腳在各種天氣條件下保持乾爽舒適
  • 鞋墊紡織物料超過90%都是可再生物料,而鞋墊紡織物料及鞋身也特意沒有染色來減少製造過程內的用水量

STACK MM: 22.0/30.0

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Hit the trails with this shoe optimized to provide cushioning, stability, and energy return. It incorporates features to make your trail runs smoother, including the MIZUNO ENERZY Foam newly equipped at the sole for a softer feel and more energy return when landing on the heel. The outsole design features Wgrip rubber for enhanced grip, especially on gravel roads.


  • MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM - MIZUNO ENERZY, which provides amazing cushioning and energy return, is equipped throughout the top midsole.
  • MIZUNO WAVE - featuring a wave structure with EVA at two levels of hardness, enhances stability without sacrificing cushioning. The new design exposes the previously built-in MIZUNO WAVE, which makes the shoe stand out visually for its stability and cushioning.
  • Wgrip - Outsole rubber with better grip on wet surfaces than before.
  • Gore-Tex- Breathable yet waterproof, the Gore-Tex membrane keeps feet comfortable in all weather conditions.
  • More than 90% recycled content on sockliner lining. Undyed upper body textile and Undyed sockliner lining textile for reducing water consumption.

STACK MM: 22.0/30.0