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Color: White
Shoe Size: 23.0cm
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SKU: J1GD223401-23.0cm
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一起來探索跑步樂趣!這對採用環保物料製成的跑鞋會為您帶來意想不到的舒適感。同時,它亦搭載MIZUNO ENERZY系列中性能最強勁的MIZUNO ENERZY CORE,提昇Mizuno標誌性緩衝能力及能量回饋。同時,Mizuno致力保護環境,於此鞋採用特別染色方法,比以往減少40%用水,二氧化碳排放量也有減少。


  • 鞋跟及腳趾位置的中底設有最強功能MIZUNO ENERZY CORE技術,提供良好的緩衝及能量回饋
  • MIZUNO ENERZY LITE採用植物材料製成,並設於中底頂部,以提供出色的緩衝、能量回饋和輕盈感
  • 通過水淨化過程收穫的藻類生物質化合物,於中底下層融入MIZUNO ENERZY技術,增強緩衝能力及其能量回饋。
  • 設有兩層不同硬度的MIZUNO WAVE波浪片中底,在不犧牲舒適度的情況下也能提昇穩定性
  • G3外底45%由輕質生物質材料製成,並採用特殊染色方法,不僅染料用水比以往減少了100%,二氧化碳排放量也因此減少了13%,為您提供強大的牽引力。

STACK MM:31.5/39.0

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This eco-conscious shoe offers unprecedented comfort that makes running a joy. It is loaded with Mizuno‘s signature cushioning and energy return features, including MIZUNO ENERZY CORE which boasts the highest functions of the MIZUNO ENERZY series. With this shoe, Mizuno strives to care for the environment through materials with low environmental impact, a dyeing method that requires 40% less water, and reduction in CO2 emissions.


  • MIZUNO ENERZY CORE: Located inside the midsole of the heel and toe area, it boasts highest level of functionality in the MIZUNO ENERZY series offering excellent cushioning and energy return.
  • MIZUNO WAVE in addition to combining cushioning and stability, supports forward propulsion providing a dyamic feel.
  • MIZUNO ENERZY: Great cushioning and energy return, added to the bottom midsole. Made from 'bloom', an algae biomass compound harvested through a water purification process.
  • MIZUNO WAVE: With its wave like structured midsole, contains two layers of differing hardness, boasting better stability without sacrificing comfort.
  • G3 OUTSOLE: Provides a strong grip with a light weight, low environmental impact materials applied 45% of the shoe. Dyeing water is reduced by 100% in comparison to the usual methods by adopting a process that requires less water. Consecutively, CO2 emissions are also reduced by 13%.

STACK MM: 31.5/39.0