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Color: Purple
Shoe Size: 23.0cm
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SKU: J1GD247922-23.0cm
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不要讓惡劣的天氣阻止您的跑步。這款鞋搭載了 具備了WAVE RIDER所有優秀的功能,再加上Gore-Tex和Wgrip橡膠,提供舒適防水和在雨天時出色的抓地力。每次腳踏地面時,MIZUNO ENERZY NXT會為你帶來能量的提升。頂部中底採用 MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM 提供緩衝和和能量回饋,而 MIZUNO WAVE 則提供緩震、穩定性和向前推進的支持。


  • MIZUNO ENERZY NXT - 採用環保資源製造,提供了柔軟輕巧緩震效果和高能量回饋。它用於腳跟踩地的位置,能吸收腳跟落地時的衝擊。
  • MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM - 這種材料具有高能量回饋,用於頂部中底以支援高速跑步。
  • MIZUNO WAVE - 除了提供緩震和穩定性外,WAVE PLATE還支持向前推進和平滑的重量轉移。
  • Gore-Tex能在各種天氣條件下舒適地保持腳部乾燥。
  • Wgrip 橡膠材質比普通橡膠在潮濕和乾燥表面上提供更好的抓地力。外底花紋設計適用於未鋪設路面,提供驚人的抓地力和牽引力。

STACK MM:23.5/36.5

Don‘t let a little bad weather stop you from running. This shoe offers all of the great features of WAVE RIDER plus Gore-Tex and a Wgrip outsole for waterproof comfort and excellent grip on rainy days. You‘ll get a boost of energy each time you hit the ground with the soft, light MIZUNO ENERZY NXT in the heel wedge. The MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM in the top midsole offers incredible cushioning and energy return, while the MIZUNO WAVE boosts cushioning, stability, and forward propulsion.


  • MIZUNO ENERZY NXT- Mizuno‘s next-generation standard material made using eco-friendly resources that offers softness, excellent energy return, and a great light weight. It is used for the heel wedge, where your heel hits the ground.
  • MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM offering amazing cushioning and energy return is inserted in the top midsole.
  • MIZUNO WAVE- In addition to providing both cushioning and stability, the WAVE PLATE supports forward propulsion and smooth weight transfer.
  • Invisible fit Gore-Tex with a smooth feel around the feet keeps them comfortable in all weather conditions.
  • Wgrip- Rubber that offers far better grip on both wet and dry surfaces than ordinary rubber. The outsole pattern is designed for unpaved surfaces. It provides amazing grip and traction.

STACK MM:23.5/36.5