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Color: Black
Shoe Size: 25.5cm
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SKU: 51GM200009-25.5cm
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“這一對鞋會為你帶來日本的優質舒適感” 這款無釘鞋是MIZUNO的旗艦款,不斷改善進化以尋求最佳的設計。


  • 輕量設計
  • 大約350g體重(尺寸25.0cm單腳)
  • 全新無釘鞋底 “GM Sole”外底適合於硬地,而內釘形狀適用於柔軟草地
  • 無論是練習還是上課,這鞋底是最適合於所有高爾夫球的活動
  • 鞋面物料運用 “Clarino Sofrina SR”
  • 這種物料溫柔地包裹著你的雙腳,讓你感受到穿著時的柔軟感。並且有著像天然皮革一樣的材質,更容易清潔粘附的污垢。
  • BOA dial IP1
  • 透過在轉盤上扭向大箭頭方向,令鞋子變得緊貼。相反地,只要扭向小箭頭方向,便能令調鬆緊度,你可以以轉盤來調節以毫米作單位的鞋子緊度。
  • PU insole
  • 聚安脂 (PU) 物料於內底帶來良好緩衝

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"This pair of shoes will bring you Japanese high-quality comfort." This spikeless shoes are MIZUNO's flagship model.


  • Lightweight design
  • About 350g (One leg with size 25.0cm)
  • New studless sole "GM Sole" outsole for hard surfaces and stud shape for soft grass
  • Whether for practice or lessons, this sole is the best for all golf activities
  • The upper material uses "Clarino Sofrina SR"
  • The material wraps gently around your foot for a soft feel when you wear it. And it has a material like natural leather, which makes it easier to clean the adhered dirt.
  • BOA dial IP1
  • Make the shoe snug by twisting on the dial in the direction of the large arrow. On the contrary, just turn to the direction of the small arrow to adjust the tightness. You can use the dial to adjust the tightness of the shoe in millimeters.
  • PU insole
  • Polyurethane (PU) material provides good cushioning in the inner sole