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Color: Blue
Shoe Size: 29.0cm
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SKU: J1GC201304-29.0cm
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Wave Inspire Waveknit 為您提供柔軟、令人難以置信的快速和穩定性。創新的 WAVEKNIT 鞋面結構提供彈性和支撐力,支持更流暢的動作。吸收衝擊的中底加上SmoothRide Support Wave Fan Shaped Wave 技術帶來了緩沖和輕盈的理想平衡。以極致的性能和舒適度讓您的日常跑步更上一層樓。


  • 全新的 Mizuno Wave 技術在您的整個跑步過程中提供前所未有的穩定性
  • WAVEKNIT 鞋面結構提供更自然貼合的穿著感
  • 壓紋中足支撐有助於避免足部旋前
  • 內部鞋頭設計時尚舒適

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An everyday icon reimagined. Wave Inspire Waveknit is giving you a soft and unbelievably quick and stable ride. Innovative WAVEKNIT upper construction provides both stretch and support for dynamic, natural movement. Impact-absorbing midsole and SmoothRide Support Wave Fan Shaped Wave technology bring an ideal balance of cushion and lightness to every step, along with smoother transitions. Take your daily runs to the next level with the ultimate in performance and comfort.


  • Fan Shaped Wave: the latest Mizuno Wave technology delivers unprecedented stability throughout your run
  • WAVEKNIT upper construction provides a more natural and dynamic fit
  • Embossed midfoot support helps avoid pronating motion
  • Internal toe cap for a sleeker design and more comfortable fit

STACK MM: 19/31