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Color: Black
Shoe Size: 25.0cm
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SKU: J1GC211389-25.0cm
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全新設計的Wave Inspire 17助跑手於日常跑步中同時保持速度及穩定度。於鞋跟加入全新的Mizuno Enerzy Foam,配合雙層扇形Mizuno Wave,提供更加好的緩衝及舒適之餘無需減弱穩定度。


  • Mizuno Enerzy Foam配合Mizuno Enerzy的極佳緩衝及彈性鞋跟
  • 特別為防止過度內旋而設的雙層扇形波浪片,結合Mizuno Wave的緩衝及穩定度,加上鞋身波浪形的外形有別於一般平扁的設計,保護腳部避免鞋身翻側。
  • WAVEKNIT高伸展力編織物料除減低跑步時腳部搖晃。而透過增加不同的波紋,強化面層支撐力以減低內旋。

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The new Wave Inspire 17 is designed to help you keep your strides quick and stable during your daily runs. Now with MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM in the heel wedge, combined with the double fan-shaped Mizuno Wave, it provides even better cushioning and comfort with out compromising stability.


  • MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM features the great cushioning and resilience of MIZUNO ENERZY in the heel wedge.
  • DOUBLE FAN SHAPED WAVE - the wave shape is specially designed for overpronation. Combining the signature cushioning and stability of Mizuno Wave, the shoe also has a wavy, higher inner that enables smooth body movements by preventing the inside of the shoe from flattening.
  • WAVEKNIT Knit structure that is highly stretchy yet also provides support against foot swaying while running. Pronation control through strengthening the upper support by adding rugged waves to the mid-foot area.

STACK MM: 19/31