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Color: White
Shoe Size: 25.0cm
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SKU: J1GC227801-25.0cm
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這對鞋子採用環保物料製成,不但穿著舒適,體積亦為輕盈。由植物基材料製成的MIZUNO ENERZY LITE,提供驚人的緩衝、能量回饋和輕盈感。亦有採用其他標誌性技術如MZIUNO ENERZY FOAM和MIZUNO WAVE,以及由針織製成的短靴和鞋面。而生產過程中亦重視環保,不單採用生物基材料,還利用特別染色方法,以減少染料用水和10%二氧化碳排放量。


  • MIZUNO ENERZY LITE採用植物基材料製成,並設於頂部中底,以提供出色的緩衝、能量回饋和輕盈感
  • MIZUNO ENERZY是由通過水淨化過程收穫的藻類生物質化合物製成,於中底下層融入此技術,以增強緩衝能力及其能量回饋。
  • 中底採用兩層不同硬度的MIZUNO WAVE波浪片製成,在不犧牲舒適度的情況下也能提昇穩定性
  • G3外底45%由輕質生物質材料製成,並利用特殊染色方法,不僅染料用水比以往減少了100%,二氧化碳排放量也因此減少了13%,為您提供強大的牽引力

STACK MM:23.0/36.5

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This shoe offers comfort and lightness with a low environmental impact. It features MIZUNO ENERZY LITE made with plant-based materials that provide amazing cushioning, energy return and lightness. Other signature features are the MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM, MIZUNO WAVE, and a knitted bootie and upper. The environmentally-conscious production process involves bio-based materials, a special dyeing process that reduces the amount of dyed water used as well as a 10% reduction in CO2 emmisions.


  • MIZUNO ENERZY CORE: Located inside the midsole of the heel and toe area, it boasts highest level of functionality in the MIZUNO ENERZY series offering excellent cushioning and energy return.
  • MIZUNO ENERZY LITE: Provides excellent cushioning, energy return and lightness, found in the top midsole, and made from plant-based materials.
  • MIZUNO ENERZY: Great cushioning and energy return, added to the bottom midsole. Made from 'bloom', an algae biomass compound harvested through a water purification process.
  • MIZUNO WAVE: With its wave like structured midsole, contains two layers of differing hardness, boasting better stability without sacrificing comfort.
  • G3 Outsole: Provides strong traction. 45% is derived from a light weight biomass material, water used for upper dyeing is reduced by 100% compared to the typical methods by adopting a special dyeing process. CO2 emissions are also decreased by 13%.

STACK MM: 23.0/36.5