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Color: Black
Shoe Size: 25.0cm
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SKU: J1GC220251-25.0cm
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讓跑步成為日常生活必備的一部分。Wave Sky 6帶來MIZUNO跑鞋系列中最佳的能量回饋和緩衝,為您提供舒適的跑步體驗,猶如於空中飄浮一樣。同時,它亦搭載MIZUNO標誌性技術,包括提供良好的緩衝及能量回饋的MIZUNO ENERZY CORE, 更為提昇的緩衝及能量回饋的MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM,和增強穩定度的MIZUNO WAVE。


  • MIZUNO ENERZY CORE於中底腳跟和腳趾位置都發揮它於MIZUNO ENERZY系列的最高性能,提供優異的緩衝和能量回饋
  • 整個中底下層都加入了MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM,以增強緩衝和提供彈力感
  • MIZUNO WAVE (FOAM WAVE)提昇穩定性時也能兼顧舒適度。這次的新構造結合了大波浪片和小波浪片,用以增強順滑的跑步體驗
  • Smooth Stretch Woven於鞋面採用無逢設計。這種材料的特色是只會緩慢地向外拉伸而不會向內拉伸。透過這獨特的編織材料提供柔軟的穿著感,同時無損跑者的表現。
  • 超過30%的鞋面紡織材料,和超過90%上身襯裡都是可再生物料

STACK MM: 27.5/36.5

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This shoe is for people who truly treasure their runs as an important part of their lives. It offers Mizuno's highest level of energy return and cushioning, giving the wearer a comfortable running experience that almost feels like one is floating. It is loaded with Mizuno's signature technology and features, including MIZUNO ENERZY CORE for great cushioning and energy return, MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM for even more cushioning and energy return, and MIZUNO WAVE for stability.


  • MIZUNO ENERZY CORE: As the midsole, from the heel to toes, it delivers the highest level of energy return and excellent cushioning.
  • MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM: Forms the entire bottom midsole enhances cushioning and offer a bouncy feeling.
  • MIZUNO WAVE (FOAM WAVE): Boasts stability without sacrificing comfort. This new structure combines both large and small waves to enhance the Smoothride experience.
  • Smooth Stretch Woven: Upper material that yields a seemless design. It is characterized by not stretching medially and slowly stretching laterally. It's unique weave offers a soft fit while not affecting the runner's performance.
  • More than 30% recycled content on upper body textile. More than 90% recycled content on upper body lining textile.

STACK MM: 27.5/36.5