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Color: White/Blue
Shoe Size: 22.5cm
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SKU: V1GA238043-22.5cm
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  • 有著出色伸展性的鞋底,前掌處不但具有靈活性還有著良好的緩衝能力。新手或兒童球手等缺乏肌肉力量等人都可以用輕微的力量便令鞋子彎曲,輕易作出發球和接球等基本排球動作。
  • 鞋面構造專為良好穿著感和透氣性而設,而合成皮加上網眼布料令耐用度提昇
  • 超過50%的鞋面合成皮原布料是可再生物料

STACK MM: 20/32

This is the perfect first pair of volleyball shoes for beginners. The sole offers amazing cushioning while still retaining flexibility, which is ideal for players still developing their muscles. The upper structure is designed for fit and breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable on the court.


  • Sole with excellent flexibility- Excellent flexibility at the forefoot while still having amazing cushioning. Even players with less developed muscle strength, such as beginners and especially junior players, can firmly bend the shoe with light force, making it ideal for fundamental volleyball moves such as the serve-receive.
  • Comfortable upper- The upper structure focuses on fit and breathability. The combination of artificial leather and mesh provides excellent durability.
  • More than 50% recycled content on upper body synthetic leather base fabric.

STACK MM: 20/32