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Color: White
Shoe Size: 24.5cm
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這雙鞋子是專為排球而設計,讓您能夠盡情展現頂尖水平。同時擁有 MIZUNO ENERZY 中底, MIZUNO ENERZY NEXT 和前掌鞋墊,帶來柔軟的緩震效果和高能量回饋。全新的 MIZUNO WAVE 和後跟結構的支撐提供了出色的支撐,使您的跳躍速度和高度超越以往。此外,採用了單絲網狀材料製成,實現了驚人的輕量化。


  • MIZUNO WAVE - 採用全新的 WAVE 結構,為跳躍提供最大的支撐。在行走時帶來穩定性的支撐和跳躍時的能量回饋。
  • 帶鞋帶孔設有大型剪裁孔,能夠緊密貼合整個腳部,提供更好的貼合感受。
  • 使用單絲網狀材料實現輕盈。透明的網狀材料使鞋子看起來輕巧,並增強透氣性。
  • 後跟結構支撐著從腳跟開始的跳躍動作,同時改善了行走時的穩定性。
  • 超過50%的鞋面基布都是採用可再生物料製成。鞋帶中超過90%的材料為可回收物料。

STACK MM: 21.0/33.0

Play at the top of your game with this comfortable shoe packed with features customized for volleyball. Enjoy soft cushioning and high energy return with the MIZUNO ENERZY NEXT and SOCKLINER at the forefoot, plus the MIZUNO ENERZY midsole. You‘ll jump faster and higher than ever with the support from the new MIZUNO WAVE plus the rounded heel structure. All these features come at a remarkably light weight thanks to the monofilament mesh.


  • The MIZUNO ENERZY NXT and MIZUNO ENERZY SOCKLINER equipped at the forefoot provide soft cushioning and high energy return that you can feel.
  • MIZUNO WAVE - This shoe features the new WAVE structure that was developed to provide maximum support for jumping. The PLATE is extended on the outside of the forefoot to provide maximum support for stability when taking steps and energy return when jumping.
  • Dyna-Eyelet Wrap- The eyelet structure with large cut-outs offers a fit that feels like it wraps the entire foot.
  • Pursuit of a light weight- Monofilament mesh is used to achieve a light weight. The transparent mesh gives a lightweight appearance and enhanced breathability.
  • Rounded heel structure- Supports jumping motions that start from the heel and improves stability when taking steps.
  • More than 50% recycled content on upper body synthetic leather base fabric. More than 90% recycled content on shoelace.

STACK MM: 21.0/33.0