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Color: Red
Shoe Size: 23.5cm
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SKU: U1GD241702-23.5cm
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這款跑鞋擁有多種加速功能,可助您在馬拉松比賽中取得優異成績,甚至創造個人最佳紀錄。SMOOTH SPEED ASSIST 幫助跑者實現理想的步態。而 G3 大底提供了不俗的抓地力。而整個中底採用柔軟的 MIZUNO ENERZY LITE 材料,支持更快的跑速,頂部中底則使用 MIZUNO ENERZY LITE+ 材料,提高柔軟度,同時保持輕盈。


  • SMOOTH SPEED ASSIST 支持跑者由開始到結束都能使用理想的步態
  • MIZUNO ENERZY LITE 的柔軟材質貫穿整個中底,以提供高的能量回饋,實現疾速跑步
  • MIZUNO ENERZY LITE + 上層中底結構,同時達到柔軟度及輕量性,協助實現前腳掌著地。
  • MIZUNO WAVE 提昇快跑時的穩定性,同時保留其柔軟度。前掌處設有 MIZUNO 波浪片,提供SMOOTH SPEED ASSIST 效果
  • 輕量而高抓地力的G3大底亦支援快速跑步
  • 使用 Rilsan® 製成的植物基波浪片。鞋墊紡織物料 90% 以上是可回收成分

STACK MM:33.5/38.0

Run sub-2.5 hour marathons and achieve a new personal best with this shoe loaded with speed-boosting features. It includes SMOOTH SPEED ASSIST to help you achieve the ideal gait, plus a G3 sole for great grip at a low weight. The MIZUNO ENERZY LITE at the bottom midsole supports fast running, while the MIZUNO ENERZY LITE+ at the top midsole enhances softness at a low weight.


  • SMOOTH SPEED ASSIST - Supports runners to use what Mizuno considers to be the ideal gait from the start to finish of races.
  • MIZUNO ENERZY LITE - This soft material offering high energy return is used in the bottom midsole to support speed running.
  • MIZUNO ENERZY LITE+ - Compared to MIZUNO ENERZY LITE, this material that pursues even better softness and a lighter weight is used in the top midsole to support speed running.
  • MIZUNO WAVE - Enhances stability during speed running without skimping on softness. The plate extended to the forefoot also supports the effects of the SMOOTH SPEED ASSIST.
  • G3 sole - The lightweight, high-grip outsole supports speed running.
  • Plant-based Wave Plate made with Rilsan®. More than 90% recycled content on sockliner lining.

STACK MM:33.5/38.0